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Professor P. offers a variety of workshops to encourage team development in areas such as communication, teamwork, organizational change, and career development making it simple for you to find the solution that right's for your organization!

Team Development

Team Development workshops covers the latest in team development to help leaders and manager at all levels develop and motivate their team or group.

Workshop Offerings:

  • Increasing team outcomes through strengths
  • Stages of group and team development
  • Critical team skills and behaviors
  • Team tasks and relationships

Leadership Development

Leadership Development workshops cover the latest in leadership theories and techniques to help leaders and managers, at all levels, develop and motivate their team or group.

Workshop Offerings:

  • Conflict Management
  • Navigating Organizational Politics
  • Change Agents vs. Traditionalists

Career Development

Career Development workshops focuses on self assessment, career exploration, and career management skill building.

Workshop Offerings:

  • Cover Letters
  • Graduate Schools
  • Interviewing
  • Job Searching
  • Networking
  • Professional Conference Preparedness
  • Resumes Writing

Youth Development

Strengths Explorer is Gallup’s strengths-based learning assessment designed to help Youth ages 10-14 identify and capitalize on their natural Top 3 Emerging talents. 

Workshop Offerings:

  • Strengths Explorer

Camp Staff

Camp Staff workshops cover a broad range of activities, games, and leadership principles.  This offers multiple applications for program development, conflict resolution, group dynamics, and employee team building.

Workshop Offerings:

  • Risk Management
  • Youth Protection
  • Games with a Purpose
  • Magical Marketing
  • Managing Burnout
  • Staff Training/Planning
  • Camp Alumni/Staff Development

Young Adult

Young Adult workshops present tools and applications on soft skill development.

Workshop Offerings:

  • Basic Adulting